Protect your Investment

Protect your Investment




At Volkswagen Richmond Hill we are all about getting you the best deal on your new or used VW and making sure that it will last as long as it is you own it.  That said, this page is all about information that you can use to protect your investment for a long time to come.


Wear & Tear

Nice wheels When you return your vehicle, your Volkswagen should be in good shape. Of course there will be some normal wear and tear. To help you assess what might be considered excess wear and tear, please review the documents on this page. If you have excess wear and tear, you may consider having it repaired prior to turn-in to avoid being charged.

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Wear & Tear Policy



Protect your Investment


Extend your warranty coverage with Mechanical Breakdown Protection


As you know, Volkswagens are amongst the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world. They are fun to drive and they are equipped with a very comprehensive warranty.


Mechanical Breakdown Protection is designed to extend your warranty protection. Once your original warranty or certified warranty term expires. Mechanical Breakdown Protection offers valuable coverage backed by the strength of Volkswagen Canada.


With genuine Volkswagen parts and qualified technicians, you are guaranteed a timely and quality repair for covered breakdowns. Mechanical Breakdown Protection also offers valuable additional benefits to reduce the inconvenience of an unfortunate breakdown.


Coverage extends throughout Canada and the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) and you are only a toll-free call away for customer assistance.


Mechanical Breakdown Protection is available for Volkswagen models* within 10 model years and less than 160,000 kilometres at time of purchase. There are many term and kilometre protection plans available along with a deductible option that's sure to meet your needs.


Don't let unexpected repairs put a dent in your pocket. Purchase Mechanical Breakdown Protection today and have the coverage you need for life's uncertainty.


For more information about Mechanical Breakdown protection you can contact Samar Cheaib at (905) 889-7701

*(certain models excluded)





Maintain that "New Car" look for years to come!


Keeping a car looking as good as it runs can be a challenge. With common urban mishaps that happen all too often like a door ding in a parking lot or a rock chip in a windshield, your Volkswagen may soon shine a little less brightly than it did the day you took it home. Volkswagen Protection Plus® Wear Protection is designed to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.


Available for your new, certified pre-owned or used Volkswagen, Wear Protection will ensure your vehicle looks great and maintains its maximum resale value. Wear Protection covers:



Road Hazard Plan*

Repair or replacement of Volkswagen recommended tires and/or wheels for damage caused by road hazards such as potholes, nails, debris and tree limbs. Includes coverage for seasonal tires/wheels            



Convenience Plan*

Interior Protection


Repair of damage to the interior fabric, vinyl or leather components due to spills such as coffee or damage due to weather induced cracking or splitting



Front Windshield Protection

Front windshield protection: Replacement** or repair of chips and/or cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris. Coverage also includes stress cracks caused by extreme temperature changes


Paintless Dent Removal

Removal of small dents on exterior vertical painted sheet metal body panels without further harming the original finish.




Key and Keyless Remote Replacement

Repair or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged keys and/or keyless entry remotes.
Total Plan.*

Combine the protection of both the Road Hazard Plan and Convenience Plan for the ultimate Wear Protection and a bundled price advantage. 

Car Rental Benefit*

All Wear Protection plans include a complimentary car rental for approved repairs up to $50 per event, including taxes.


*Please read contracts for complete details.


**If the windshield has three or more chips, cracks, heavily pitted glass, a chip that has begun to "spider", or is located in the driver's line of sight a replacement windshield will be provided. A maximum of one windshield replacement shall be covered during the contract term.




Contact our Business Office for more details on any of the above listed products.





Hi Tonley,


I just wanted to send an email regarding the repairs done to my car. I was extremely impressed with the quality of service at VW Rickmondhill, my family has purchased 4 cars from you guys in the past 5 years and we have all been extremely impressed with the overall attitude of VW Richmondhill. Particularly in this case I am very glad I purchased wear protection for my car, it made a very smooth and easy process to have the dent in my door repaired at almost no cost to me. I walked in to VW, I was greeted promptly, my keys were taken and I signed the appropriate documents. Following that process I was told the shuttle would be ready in five minutes. In those five minutes I made myself a nice coffee from their VanHoutte beverage machine. I was then shuttled to my destination and picked up promptly one hour later. When I arrived back to VW my car was sitting right outside where I had been shuttled to, Tonley greeted me outside with my keys and showed me the repair, well he showed me where the dent had been prior to the repair, it was no longer there. The job it self was very clean and done very well. Over all I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at VW Richmond and the wear protection program was an excellent choice.


Best Regards, 








Protect your Investment


Loan Protection


When making large purchases, most people use financing as a cost effective way of making the expense more affordable. As a savvy consumer, purchasing decisions are made when you are in good health, you have a secure job, and the expense seems manageable. But statistics show that 1 in 3 Canadians will be disabled for 90 days or longer before the age of 65* and few people know that an affordable financial protection plan is available to cover their loan in the case of an unexpected critical event. Volkswagen Protection Plus® Loan Protection takes the worry out of financing by allowing you to make a minimal investment today to have protection from loan obligations tomorrow. Volkswagen Protection Plus® Loan Protection is a life, critical illness, disability and loss of employment coverage program designed to protect your financial commitments from the impact of an unforeseen life event.

Want to find out how you can feel more secure? Contact Samar Cheaib for more information about this or any other Volkswagen Protection Plus program.