TDI Settlement Information

TDI Settlement Information

Volkswagen has reached a Settlement in Canada involving 2.0-litre Volkswagen and Audi TDI vehicles with current owners and certain former owners and lessees (as described below). This Settlement was reached following negotiations between Volkswagen and class action lawyers for the owners and lessees, in consultation with the Commissioner of Competition in Canada. The Courts will approve amounts for legal fees and expenses to the class action lawyers. Those amounts will be paid separately and will not reduce the Settlement benefits.



Many owners and lessees of these vehicles will also have choices that may include vehicle buyback, trade-in, early lease termination and if approved by regulators, emissions modification.

Please click HERE to read more information about your options.

Below is an instructional video on your options, how the portal works, the paperwork that you will need for the process, how you will be contacted by Volkswagen Canada and how long the process may take.



Below is the link to the portal to start the process for your settlement. Please have all the paperwork that is asked for the settlement and follow the instructions carefully.