Volkswagen Protection Plus

Volkswagen Protection Plus

Send your worries on a long road trip. The Volkswagen Protection Plus® suite of products offers protection for you and your vehicle to make your ownership experience as worry-free as possible. It is protection and peace-of-mind at a reasonable expense.

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Volkswagen Protection Plus

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

And thanks to the Volkswagen Protection Plus® extended warranty program, you can drive more secure for up to 10 years. Volkswagen Protection Plus® Mechanical Breakdown Protection gives you worry-free driving and protects against mechanical breakdowns for up to -10 years or 200,000 km. And with 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption protection, and car rental benefits, head for the hills or wherever life takes you...

Peace of mind, for a long time.

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Appearance Protection

Volkswagen Protection Plus® Appearance Protection is an interior and exterior protection product designed to take the worry out of a life's little accidents. Whether it's a door ding at the shopping center, a line-of-sight windshield chip or a spilt cup of coffee, Volkswagen Protection Plus® Appearance Protection will keep your vehicle looking like new. With Appearance Protection on board, you will have confidence knowing that your vehicle will always look its best while maximizing its resale value.

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Volkswagen Protection Plus

Loan Protection

When making large purchases, most people use financing as a cost effective way of making the expense more affordable. As a savvy consumer, purchasing decisions are made when you are in good health, you have a secure job, and the expense seems manageable. But statistics show that 1 in 3 Canadians will be disabled for 90 days or longer before the age of 65* and few people know that an affordable financial protection plan is available to cover their loan in the case of an unexpected critical event. Volkswagen Protection Plus® Loan Protection takes the worry out of financing by allowing you to make a minimal investment today to have protection from loan obligations tomorrow.

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Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Volkswagen Protection Plus Lease Excess Wear Waiver includes a waiver of up to $10,000, so enjoy your Volkswagen knowing that you're protected.

Coverage is offered by Volkswagen Finance, with no deductible, and is fully transferable to a new lessee if you transfer your lease. Volkswagen Finance will ensure you have the ultimate Leasing experience with the Lease Excess Wear Waiver.


Lease Excess Wear Waiver is available for new vehicle lease terms between 12 and 60 months and the vehicle must have less than 12,500 kms at lease inception. Vehicle MSRP must be less than $200,000.

Purchased vehicles, including lease purchases where the option to purchase has been exercised at lease end, or previously titled or registered vehicles, are not eligible for Lease Excess Wear Waiver.

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Volkswagen Protection Plus

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

Volkswagen Protection Plus (VWPP) Vehicle Loss Privilege Program (VLPP) assists you with the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event of a vehicle loss.

Did you know over 39% of traded vehicles have negative equity, meaning what you owe on your vehicle is more than what the vehicle is now worth? It can take up to 6 years before a loan does not carry negative equity. In addition, your insurer may only pay the fair market value of your vehicle.

In the event of a vehicle loss, VLPP provides an in-store loyalty credit that can be redeemed at your selling dealer. Whether you finance, lease, or pay cash for your vehicle, with VLPP, getting back into a replacement vehicle just got easier.


VLPP must be purchased within 7 days of the delivery date of the vehicle. Terms are available for all makes and models within 6 model years.

A new vehicle is any vehicle which has not previously had any prior owner with exception of demonstrator vehicles. A used vehicle is any vehicle where there has been a previous owner.

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Total Loss Event and Paritial Loss Event Privilege


Volkswagen Protection Plus